At Buckingham Palace abolished the ceremonial changing of the guard

The traditional ceremony of changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace canceled on Wednesday, may 24, due to the relocation of the police guarding the event. Due to the terrorist attack in Manchester, the guards transferred to other places of service. It is reported by The Daily Mail with reference to the UK Ministry of defence.

“This decision was made in order to free the police, which [to maintain order during the divorce of the guard] would have to deal with the overlap of the streets,” — said the official representative of the Ministry of defense.

On 23 may, the terrorist threat level in Britain was raised from serious to critical. As stated by the Prime Minister Theresa may, that means the inevitability of terrorist acts. In connection with the threat by the decision of the Cabinet Committee COBRA in the streets of the country will be military patrols.

The attack on the stadium “Manchester arena” on the evening of may 22, killed 22 people, injured about 120, 59 of them were taken to medical facilities. Banned in Russia group ISIS called the attack revenge for the attack on “Muslim lands”.