A state of emergency declared in three regions of Russia

EMERCOM of Russia has established the state of emergency at the Federal level in the Krasnoyarsk region and the Irkutsk region from-for forest fires, as well as in the Stavropol territory in connection with the flood. This was reported on the website of the rescue Department.

Federal level of response allows the regions to use resources and the resources of the Federal center for elimination of consequences, said the Agency TASS in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

On Wednesday in Krasnoyarsk region and the Irkutsk region due to hot weather and strong winds have seriously aggravated the situation with the fires. All the fires damaged 10 villages, burned houses 144. Disaster victims were two men. Hardest hit city and Kansk Lesosibirsk in Krasnoyarsk region. Firefighters and volunteers managed to protect from the fire of more than 5.2 thousand houses, and in Lesosibirsk to prevent man-made disaster, where the fire moved to one of four chemically hazardous and explosive facilities, including warehouses with diesel fuel and sulfuric acid.

Thursday, may 25, in Krasnoyarsk Krai on behalf of the President was visited by the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov. It needs to monitor the progress of liquidation of consequences of large fires and provide assistance to victims.