Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte was found in a hurry

Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte was found in a hurry

The Philippine President had to leave early due to martial law in the country.

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte stayed in Russia for only one day instead of the planned four. However, the main purpose of the visit was meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he reached. For the sake of Mr. Putin has also had to adjust my schedule and make the Philippine leader immediately upon arrival from Krasnodar, where the Russian President visited the sports facilities.

Short talks Mr. Duterte asked Vladimir Putin to improve the delivery of modern Russian weapons in the Philippines.

However, according to the Russian President, between countries there are other promising areas for cooperation.

“Rodrigo duterte the changed circumstances. So we decided to hold a meeting tonight, the return of Putin from Krasnodar,” — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday, around 19:00.

Circumstances that prevented Philippine President to complete the entire program of visit to Moscow, was the situation in Mindanao. There now is a clash between government troops and the local terrorist group “Abu Sayyaf” associated with the banned in Russia “Islamic state”. Being in Russia, Rodrigo Duterte introduced on the island of martial law, however, the situation continues to worsen, and yesterday it killed three Filipino security forces. Due to unrest in the country, the President of the Philippines was forced to cancel a number of scheduled events in Moscow, including a performance before students MGIMO.

However, with Vladimir Putin Rodrigo duterte the meet was a success, although initially the talks were scheduled for Thursday. “Sorry to disturb your work schedule. I came here to enlist your support and to confirm our friendship,” — said the Russian President Mr. Duterte and almost immediately moved on to the most exciting it is currently the subject of combating terrorism. “Of course, our country needs modern armaments — continued Philippine President.— We had orders in the United States, but now the situation there is not very smooth and in order to fight the “Islamic state”, with their divisions and factions, we need modern weapons.” It, apparently, Rodrigo Duterte I am going to get it from Russia.

Vladimir Putin, in his turn, expressed condolences to the Philippine people and wished a speedy settlement of the conflict. Cooperation “in the field of military-technical cooperation,” the Russian President called “possible”. However, should develop other areas, including “power engineering and transport infrastructure”, — said Putin after talks. “Of course, we (the Philippines — “b”) until a very high level of turnover, but at the beginning of this year he began to recover, increased by 25%”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

Despite the fact that the meeting of presidents is quite short, on Wednesday working to normalize relations between Moscow and Manila will continue the Philippine Ministers, who, unlike Rodrigo Duterte will not cut short my visit to Russia. According to Vladimir Putin, they and their Russian counterparts will sign a number of documents, “aimed at strengthening bilateral ties.”

Kirill Krivosheev