The state Department declared readiness to resist


RIA Novosti

The state Department budget for 2018 is aimed at “opposition of the hostile influence of Russia” in Europe. This statement was made by the Director of the office for the allocation of resources to the aid of the US state Department Hari Sestri, reports TASS.

“This budget will allow us to resist the aggression and the hostile influence of Russia in Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia and strengthen national security and protect economic interests of the US in the region,” said Sestri.

Sestri added that the budgeted funds will allow US to confront the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. In 2018, US $ 24 million would reduce the funding allocated for work with the countries of Europe and Eurasia. The total expenditure of the Department in this area will amount to 470 million 572 thousand. The document notes that the state Department will continue to insist on the “return of Crimea to Ukraine”. Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 following a referendum.