The interior Ministry has proposed to increase sanctions for refusal of medical examination


RIA Novosti

The amount of penalty and period of disqualification for drivers who refused to undergo a medical examination for intoxication, may be increased. The corresponding project of the Federal law “On amendments to article 12.26 of the Russian code of administrative offences”, developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and at present is aimed at public discussion, the official website of the state traffic Inspectorate.

The document proposes to increase fines from the current 30 thousand to 35 thousand rubles. In the case of amendments, the period of disqualification range from two to three years; now, for refusal of medical examination of drivers deprived of the right to operate vehicles for the term from six months to two years.

“The use by drivers of vehicles of alcohol, narcotic drugs, and psychotropic and psychoactive substances significantly impairs their health and poses a potential threat to road safety,” — noted in the state traffic Inspectorate.

According to statistics for the year 2016 from a medical examination refused 4288 drivers who had signs of intoxication and become parties to various accidents. In these accidents killed 193 and injured 6114. The authors of the bill claim that the person refuses to undergo a medical examination, often fear the consequences. So, in case of detection of narcotic intoxication of the driver it is mandatory to put on the account in a narcological clinic.

According to the interior Ministry of Russia, the adoption of the amendments will improve the preventive component of the established measures of administrative responsibility, to ensure the inevitability of punishment in respect of persons operating vehicles while intoxicated, as well as to minimize cases of refusal to undergo medical examination for intoxication.