Nikiforov: the network


RIA Novosti

Large-scale failure on the network “Megaphone” that occurred on Friday, may 19, was not associated with virus WannaCry, said the head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov.

On Friday afternoon at the network of “MegaFon” and “daughter” Yota running as a virtual operator on the networks of the parent company, the accident occurred, which did not work voice in Moscow and several major cities of the Volga region. The accident was eliminated on Friday evening, the cause was the failure of the software Hewlett Packard.

“A technical glitch in cellular networks accurately is not related to the notorious virus”, — said the Minister in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”. He previously MegaFon said that the failure is not linked to a viral attack WannaCry, the accident occurred on one of the items of network equipment.

According to the Minister, the network of “MegaFon” in its scale was perhaps one of the biggest failures in the history of cellular communication of the Russian Federation. “The sign is alarming, but, nevertheless, I would not dramatize the incident. Fortunately, the technical service operator fast enough to cope with the problems, and the failure, perhaps, was an illustration of how we today are dependent on modern means of communications”, — noted the Minister.

Nikiforov also not inclined to dramatize the situation with the virus WannaCry. “I would not dramatize the story with this virus. Actually various kinds of computer virus epidemics arose and many years before that, but just computers become more and more, more and more of them connected to the network at an increasing speed,” he said.

“The main conclusion that you want to make, is that we must reflect on this notion, as our culture of cybersecurity. It is so important that we should pay this tribute to the organizational, technical attention. Because most of the problems associated with the virus were virtually the consequence of the failure of the basic organizational tasks of cybersecurity,” said Nikiforov.