NBC learned the details of the investigation of the terrorist attack in Manchester

The suspect in the attack on the stadium “Manchester arena” 22-year-old Salman, Abedi was associated with the banned terrorist group al-Qaida and had training outside the UK. The first results of the investigation, said a source in the us intelligence community to NBC.

The bomb that blew up a terrorist, was “large and complex” and consisted of components that are difficult to obtain in the UK. Therefore, the source said, it is almost impossible to Abedi acted without assistance.

The identity of the suicide bomber managed to install the card surviving in the pocket of his clothes at the blast site, and confirm with the help of face recognition technology. it turned Out that the young man in the last 12 months went to Libya but also visited other countries. Abedi, had a “clear link “to al-Qaeda””, says a source, NBC, and may have had contact with other terrorist groups.

It is not known whether Abedi, a member of the terrorist cell, and if Yes, what is its size and looks. Investigators fear “further attacks”, said the source.

According to the channel, relatives of the suspect had previously informed the British authorities about the danger he represented.

On 23 may, the terrorist threat level in Britain was raised from serious to critical. As stated by the Prime Minister Theresa may, that means the inevitability of terrorist acts. In connection with the threat by the decision of the Cabinet Committee COBRA in the streets of the country will be military patrols.

The attack on the stadium “Manchester arena” on the evening of may 22, killed 22 people, injured about 120, 59 of them were taken to medical facilities. Banned in Russia group ISIS called the attack revenge for the attack on “Muslim lands”.