Most Chinese women coveted the wealth of their partners

Most women in China prefer to date men who earn two or three times more than they do. Such a study publishes The South China Morning Post.

According to the survey, a special mercenary is different, 84 percent of women in China.

It is also reported that 60 percent of Chinese women willing to leave their partners if the relationship lasting three years, does not end with the wedding.

It is noted that 40% of men would like to see their loved ones every day, this desire is shared by only 23 percent of the women interviewed.

79 percent of study participants of both sexes admitted that ready within six months to care for any person, another 21 percent said that may continue the period of a romantic relationship and longer.

“The most arrogant men live in such Chinese cities as Chongqing, Suzhou and Guangzhou”, — notes the edition. The more anxious women are Chinese living in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenyang.