Matvienko believes that Europe will not soon lift sanctions against Russia


© RIA Novosti

The speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko considers that it is not necessary to rely on the abolition of Europe anti-Russian sanctions in the near future.

“The fact that the sanctions remain, a rational explanation can not be. Apparently, some statesmen in the West believe that after agreeing to their abolition, “lose face” will weaken their position. It is hardly necessary to count on the lifting of sanctions in the near future,” she told the newspaper “Izvestia”.

However, Matvienko believes that sooner or later the lifting of sanctions will occur, such a development encourages “political and economic logic”.

Relations between Russia and the EU deteriorated due to the situation in the Donbass, where Kiev in April 2014 began a military operation against the breakaway LC and the DNI, which declared independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. Western countries have imposed a series of sanctions against Russia, Moscow has retaliated.