Israel was subjected to rocket fire from Egypt

The border between Israel and Egypt

Launched from the Sinai Peninsula landed in a desert area in Israel. As a result of bombardment nobody has suffered. It is reported by The Times of Israel.

As specifies the edition, in most cases, the shells handicraft production does not reach Israeli territory and fall on the Egyptian side.

Responsibility for the attack has not yet claimed any one group. However, it is known that these shells, usually used by terrorist groups associated with terrorists from the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

A similar attack occurred last month. The rocket hit a greenhouse in the territory of the Eshkol region. The building was damaged. One person was hospitalized due to a nervous breakdown caused by the fire.

On 9 February it was reported that the IG has claimed responsibility for a similar attack in southern Israel. Three of the four missiles were intercepted by missile defense system “Iron dome.” The fourth fell just outside the city and nothing to hit. As a result, 11 people were taken to hospital in a state of shock.