In the UK consider the introduction of death penalty for terrorism

Janice Atkinson

MEP from the UK Janice Atkinson said about the need to introduce the death penalty for terrorism. It is reported portal Kentnews.

According to the politician, have to do a lot to eradicate terrorism. “But there is one simple step which we can do now: we must restore the death penalty,” said she.

According to Atkinson, the terrorists are not deranged psychopaths, and staunch opponents who are waging total war. “Today we must declare that the death penalty will be returned for the Commission of terrorist offences (…) We are at war, but war crimes and terrorism can’t prevail. I(…) policy, and it’s my job to offer solutions,” she concluded.

In 1965 in the UK, a law was passed, according to which throughout the country, except for Northern Ireland, suspended for five years, suspended the death penalty for murder. In 1969 this rule was approved as permanent. In Northern Ireland the death penalty for murder was abolished in 1973, but in fact, since 1961, there is not executed a single person. February 1, 2004 in the United Kingdom was abolished “the death penalty in all circumstances”.