Britain has raised the terrorist threat level to critical

Britain has raised the terrorist threat level to critical

LONDON, may 23 — RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. The terrorist threat level in the UK increased from serious to critical, said Prime Minister Theresa may.

“In connection with the terrorist attack in Manchester, it was decided to raise the terrorist threat level from severe to critical… This means that the attacks are not only possible, but inevitable. This means that in many key areas the police will replace the military,” said may following the meeting of the emergency COBRA Committee, which is composed of government members and representatives of the security services.

The attack in Manchester took place on Monday evening, during a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Undermining was carried out by a suicide bomber. According to the latest data, 22 people are killed, about 120 were injured. In addition, several teenagers missing. Responsibility for explosion was assumed by the terrorist group ISIS*.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.