As expected, the elections of the national constituent Assembly of Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro

Elections to the national constituent Assembly of Venezuela, which shall be convened for a possible change of the constitutional order, can go to the end of July 2017. As reported by RIA Novosti, said the head of the national electoral Council Tibisay Lucena.

She added that regional elections for governors and mayors can take place on the 10th of December.

Earlier, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro signed the document that starts the process of convening a constituent Assembly. It identifies the procedure for the election of members of this body.

In early may, the President initiated the convening of a constituent Assembly which would be empowered to amend the Constitution. The opposition, which holds a majority in Parliament, criticized the President’s proposal is criticized, refused to acknowledge it, considering the coup d’etat, and urged people to take to the streets.

In the country for several weeks, continuing mass protests. During collisions of locals with police killed dozens of people. Citizens dissatisfied with the economic situation and require the appointment of early elections.