Tolstoy proposed to reduce the cost of education for students


RIA Novosti

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy proposed to ease the burden of education costs for students who study in universities on a paid Department, according to the MP, they could pay for the education half of the amount.

In the state Duma held parliamentary hearings “About the youth policy in the Russian Federation”.

“Today much is being done to find and support talented youth. Lighten up those who do well in school, the cost burden for higher education. Let the movers pay for this education by half. It really do, and this is not a market approach,” said Tolstoy in the course of parliamentary proceedings.

However, the MP noted that as a result, for the benefit, however, in his opinion, fairly unsuccessful reforms in education, its quality has declined. “And education itself is transformed into a service. Education is not a service. Schools and universities should be returned to the educational function, we need to restore people’s interest in the history and culture of his country, an interest in books. We need to inculcate the habits of safe behavior in the Internet”, — said Tolstoy.