The University has clarified the fate asked students essay about the threat of liberalism teacher

The Ural state pedagogical University (USPU) told me that the teacher gave students an assignment to write a report about the threat of liberalism, you’re not. The radio station “Moscow speaking” said the press service of the University.

“Talk to him and find out details. The training plan if necessary will be adjusted. The position of the teacher is not the position of the entire University. To broadcast his subjective position within teaching is personal responsibility,” — said at the University.

In this case, the administration will review the proposed Ural state pedagogical University, associate Professor of anatomy, physiology and valeology Sergei Mitaton topics for essays to understand how to build the accents. “Now we have to find out if this theme (“liberalism is a new threat to the security of human life”) in the program, was it approved at the Department,” — said the press service.

At the same time Vice rector for academic Affairs of the University Svetlana Mininova noted that the University is not engaged in political propaganda.

22 may the Mayfat said that liberal values and in particular tolerance, are a serious threat to the country. However, he acknowledged that the curriculum of this kind of topic is not provided, to do the abstracts were offered voluntarily, and while no student’s work is not fulfilled. In turn, the press service of the Ural state pedagogical University said: “writing Essays only those students who were absent from class. A job (…) received only three students under the heading “Emergency situations of a social nature” (discipline “Safety of living”)”. The University stressed that the reports on the above theme is used as an alternative to individual work with students with “tails”.

In April it was reported that disciplinary action has been a teacher of history and mathematics in Tomsk Russian classical gymnasium # 2, read the students a lecture about the dangers of liberalism, which “leads mankind to hell.” It was also reported that the faculty of the Department of General and experimental physics of Tomsk state University called the students “a freak” for participation in anti-corruption rally on March 26.

According to the law “On education”, teachers are forbidden to engage in political campaigning, forcing students to make political, religious or other beliefs or rejection of them.