The Russian Ministry decided to save money on trips and paper

The Russian Ministry of steel to save money on trips, and print documents. This writes the RNS on Monday, may 22.

The Ministry of economic development, the Agency said that cutting costs by switching to electronic document management — this allows you not to spend money on stationery and paper. In addition, the Agency has reduced not only the quantity but also the duration of travel, as well as constantly monitoring the best deals airlines.

A similar situation, according to the RNS, was formed in the Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of justice. In recent trips replace the meetings via video link. The Ministry of Finance, among other things, reduced the costs of official cars.

The culture Ministry has restricted the use of officials VIP-halls of airports, some also deprived of the opportunity to fly business class. “In addition, there are a number of significant limitations to guide the Ministry set limits of travel expenses for Deputy Minister, as well as for the structural divisions of the Ministry”, — said the Agency.

On 22 March it was reported that the Russian government may create a Fund to reward officials who will be able to save state funds in the implementation of priority projects.

In the middle of the month it became known that the state Duma plans to approve the limits on travel expenses for MPs during their visits to the regions. Analysis of the work of the people’s representatives showed that transportation costs vary from 100 thousand to several million.

According to statistics announced at the beginning of March in 2016, the average salary of Federal officials has reached more than 115 thousand rubles per month. This is four percent more than the year before.