The number of visitors of the “Night at the Museum” in Moscow has almost doubled

In Moscow region more than 14 thousand people visited museums in the framework of the action “Night in Museum”. These figures voiced Vice Chairman of the regional government Olga Zabralova, the TV channel “360”.

“This is the eighth “Night of museums” for the suburbs. In addition to the state regional museums, this year the national event was joined by more than 40 municipal museums,” she said.

As noted by RIAMA with reference to Zubrilova, last year, protesters in the suburbs of steel 8.5 thousand people.

Within museums was free that day. In particular, residents of the Moscow region could visit the exhibition of works by Ivan Shishkin in the complex “New Jerusalem” Istra, which it was decided to extend until may 28.

On 20 may, the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky said that the action “night at the Museum” was attended by two thousand institutions across the country, reports TASS.

The event, which was held in 80 Russian regions, devoted to International day of museums. This year the Central themes included the 100th anniversary of the October revolution and the environment.