The attack in Manchester: 22 people were killed, 59 were hospitalized

The attack in Manchester: 22 people were killed, 59 were hospitalized

MOSCOW, may 23 — RIA Novosti. A powerful explosion occurred in the stadium “Manchester arena”. The attack killed 22 people, 59 were hospitalized.


“Manchester arena” has a capacity of 21 thousand people and is located to the North of the city centre. The facility, opened in 1995, is the largest indoor arena in the EU.

The explosion in Manchester was the largest terrorist attack in Britain after the tragedy on the London underground in 2005 that killed more than 50 people.

What happened

The explosion took place at the stadium on Monday evening. At this time there were American singer Ariana Grande.

Later in the stadium area, the police found a suspicious object, which was planned to undermine on the spot. However, later it turned out that the alarm was false.

“Officers carried out a controlled explosion, confirmed that the subject was forgotten piece of clothing, not suspicious object”, — stated in the message of the police of Manchester on Twitter.

According to the latest data, the blast killed 22 people, including children, 59 were hospitalized. According to the North-Western division ambulance NHS, several victims assistance was provided on the spot.

Sky News notes that the victims were injured “like shrapnel”.

In the Russian Embassy in London said that information about the Russians, who could suffer as a result of the explosion, yet.

“The situation is under control. While information about the incident touched any of the citizens of the Russian Federation, have been reported, we are constantly updating information,” — told RIA Novosti employee of the Embassy.

This information was confirmed by the Association of tour operators of Russia.

The main version is a terrorist attack

According to police, the explosion arranged by a suicide bomber.

“At present, we believe that the attack was made by one person”, — said the representative of city police, Ian Hopkins, adding that the terrorist was also killed.

He also urged residents to be vigilant.

The explosion at the stadium “Manchester arena”


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Latest: Panic following multiple explosions at #Manchester arena.

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People attending the concert by Ariana Grande fled in panic on hearing the noises

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#BREAKING: Reports of two explosions at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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Police Swarm #ManchesterArena After 2 Reports of Possible Explosions at #ArianaGrande #Event. @arianagrande

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“If you detect anything suspicious please contact the anti-terrorist division. We are closely monitoring the situation,” said a police officer.

The head of the British MIA amber Rudd called the incident at the stadium “Manchester arena” “barbaric act”.

The incident was also commented on Prime Minister Theresa may. “My thoughts are with those affected by the attack, and their families,” — said the Prime Minister.

The leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn also expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

“A terrible incident in Manchester. My thoughts are with everyone he touched, and our beautiful rescue services”, — wrote the politician in the microblog in Twitter.

After the explosion in Manchester, all British party suspended its election campaign.

The reaction of the singer Grande

The Ariana Grande, during a speech where the attack occurred, was not injured. After the incident she wrote on Twitter that “broken”.

“With all my heart I am very, very sorry. I have no words,” wrote Grande.

The portal TMZ reports that after the incident, the singer stopped her world tour.

Ariana Grande Suspends World Tour in Wake of Terrorist Bombing

— TMZ (@TMZ) may 23, 2017

Many world leaders have condemned the terrorist attack in Manchester. So, Chinese President XI Jinping has sent Queen Elizabeth II a telegram of condolence.

“In this difficult time, the Chinese people support the British,” said the Chinese leader.

“Saddened by the attack at Manchester. We strongly condemn it. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims, prayers are with the victims,” tweeted Prime Minister Narendra modi.

The Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull has called the incident a “vile attack”.

“This incident, this attack is particularly nasty, especially a criminal, is especially terrifying, because, apparently, deliberately aimed at teenagers”, — quotes the words of Turnbull Sky News.

The Secretary-General of the Japanese government Yoshihide Suga said that “such dirty actions can’t be ignored”.

Russia is ready to help in the investigation

The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov said that Russia is ready to help the British intelligence services in the investigation of the attack.

According to the Senator, the incident showed once again that in the world there are no countries that could protect themselves from terrorist attacks.

“The terrorist attack in Manchester is another signal to the fact that all over the world heard the words of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about necessity of creation of a United anti-terrorist front, which would act on the General rules and not on the principle of double standards”, — said Ozerov RIA Novosti.