Steven Seagal wanted to take “far Eastern hectare” in Primorye

Steven Seagal wanted to take “far Eastern hectare” in Primorye

Moscow. May 23. INTERFAX.RU Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, who in late 2016, a citizen of Russia, will take part in the filming of the project one of the Central TV channels.

As reported by the administration of Primorye, in the new TV show will show how popular the actor is to the far Eastern hectare.

Viewers will talk in detail about all the stages that will be held Sigal, from the selection of the land and of application to the transfer of land property.Ilya Carbonopportunities of the company-operator of the project

It is specified that in the future on the site Seagal intends to build a multifunctional sports complex, which plans to conduct workshops and meetings with athletes.

A company representative added that there are also plans to build an international cultural center with an amusement Park, hotels, a Museum and exhibition centre.

We are already working with investors who are ready to implement these projects in Primorye.Ilya Carbonopportunities of the company-operator of the project

Currently, the Federal law on “far hectare,” according to which every citizen can obtain ownership in the far East on 1 ha of land.

In the first stage, land is allocated only in certain “pilot” municipalities. From October 1, 2016, every resident of the Far East to obtain land in the region. From 1 February 2017, “far Eastern hectare” shall be issued to any resident of Russia. According to the latest data, for the entire period of the programme from the citizens of Russia received over 90 thousand applications.

Recipients of land under the program “far Eastern hectares of” available public support measures, among which preferential loans and grants for beginning farmers and quotas on logging for individual housing construction.