South Korea fired flown from North Korea unidentified object

South Korean military fired warning shots in the direction of the “unidentified object”, flown from North Korea. This is the Agency “Yonhap”.

According to the joint chiefs of staff, on Tuesday, may 23, a camera crossed the military demarcation line. After that, the warning shots rang out. Only in the direction of the intruder was released more than 90 bullets from a machine gun. As specified a source in law enforcement bodies, the object could be a drone.

Currently, South Korean experts are trying to figure out where to send the object. If it is not specified whether he was shot down.

After the incident in South Korea tightens defense. “This incident is fueling an already tense situation on the Korean Peninsula deteriorated on the backdrop of ongoing rocket launches, North Korea”, writes Yonhap.

The Agency reminds that in January last year, a North Korean drone flew over the demarcation line in the Western part of the demilitarized zone. South opened machine-gun fire.