Skvortsova will visit the world health Assembly


© RIA Novosti. Sergey Guneev

The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova will visit session of the world health Assembly (WHA) in may 2017, the main event which is the election of the Director General of the world health organization (who), told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Ministry of health.

Earlier, the European countries nominated Skvortsov Chairman of the world health Assembly.

The Assembly is the Supreme organ of the who. It meets once a year and takes decisions on the basis of which the who operates within the next year.

“The Assembly this year has a special historical meaning, as the members who are going along with the busy agenda that includes the fight against infectious and communicable diseases and progress of countries in implementing the agenda for sustainable development, to choose a new Director-General of who, to which the President of the Assembly will sign the contract”, — stated in the message.

According to the rules, the President of the Assembly shall be in session during the entire period of realization: from 21 to 31 may 2017.

“The main event of the 70 session of the WHA will be the election of the Director General of the world health organization on may 23, 2017… in addition, on the sidelines of the 70 session of the WHA will be a meeting of the steering Committee on the preparations for the Global Ministerial conference on tuberculosis in the context of global health and the Millennium development goals, which will be held 16-17 November 2017 in Moscow”, — noted in press service.

The election of a new who Director-General will be held on Tuesday, may 23. They will begin in the second half of the day and will continue till night. There will be several rounds, as three candidates at the moment have roughly equal chances.

As noted in the Ministry of health, also during the meetings will take series of resolutions to approve global plans of action, strategies and roadmap for combating antimicrobial resistance, emergencies in public health, implementation of the International health regulations, human resource development, non-communicable diseases, addressing the global shortage of vaccines, the world drug problem from the standpoint of social health, the elimination of childhood obesity, women’s health, children and adolescents.