Scientists have suspected China of inflating the population into two Spain

Scientists have suspected China of inflating the population into two Spain

China’s population may be 90 million less than stated by official statistics. This is roughly twice the population of Spain (46 million people).

Such a conclusion after the conducted research a scientist does And Pusan, Professor of the University of Wisconsin in Madison (USA). Your data he presented during the lecture in Peking University, they lead The South China Morning Post.

And, the author of the book “Big country empty nest”, argues that China needs not birth control, and its promotion. In China, home of the world’s people older than 60 years — they are about 15.5 percent. According to UN estimates, by mid-century, 500 million Chinese people will overcome this age limit. “The government has overestimated the level of birth rate and underestimated the rate of population change,” explained the Professor.

The broad campaign for birth control in China, called “One family — one child” has developed since 1979.

Its purpose was to limit the population of China by 2000, the level of 1,2 billion people. During the implementation of the program and proposed changes. The task was mostly completed: 1 November 2000 in China, the set level was exceeded on only 42.5 million citizens. Plus about 30 million have not been included in the statistics — they lived and worked without papers.

But the program had unwanted consequences: in China, there are gender imbalance and rapid aging of the population. Also many Chinese practice sex-selective abortion: keep the child only if waiting for the birth of the boy.

29 October 2015 the citizens of China were allowed to have two children.