Russia shamelessly interfered in the elections in the US — ex-CIA Director

Russia shamelessly interfered in the elections in the US — ex-CIA Director

Russia “shamelessly” interfered in the presidential elections of 2016 in the US, despite a direct warning to a senior official of the Kremlin, said ex-CIA Director John Brennan, speaking before the select Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States.

“Russia is brazenly interfered in our electoral process in 2016”, — quotes the Brennan The Wall Street Journal.

In addition, Brennan said that US intelligence agencies knew of “contact and interaction” of members of the campaign staff of US President Donald trump with the Russian officials. According to him, by August 2016 exploration with certainty established the “extremely aggressive” attempts to influence the presidential campaign in the United States. Then Brennan personally warned the Director of the FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikova from interference. Bortnikov, in his words, rejected the accusations, pointing out that Moscow in USA are constantly and wrongly accused of such attempts.

At the same time, Brennan said he did not know whether there was collusion between US citizens and Russians, who, according to U.S. intelligence, sought to influence the U.S. presidential election is necessary to investigate. “Not clear to me whether or not to engage Russian officials in the United States, as connected with the electoral campaign, and no, to work in their interests,” he said at a meeting of the Committee.

Several congressional committees have been conducting investigations relating to the possible intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election. Parliamentarians interested in including staff contacts headquarters trump and officials of the new administration with the agents of foreign States. In addition, the FBI publicly acknowledged that it was investigating, did not enter any of trump’s staff in collusion with Russia.