Poll: for “normal” Russian family need to 83.6 thousand rubles a month

Poll: for “normal” Russian family need to 83.6 thousand rubles a month

Average monthly desired income of the Russian family from three persons for “normal life” is 83600 rubles, these data derive from the results of a survey conducted by research holding “ROMIR”.

“This year, the average size of the desired income of the Russians reached 83 600 rubles, which is 10 900 rubles more than the year before. The growth of the financial appetites of Russians was 15%, which substantially exceeds the annual inflation of 5.6%,” say analysts.

The family of three people living in the metropolis, for a normal life will need 118 thousand rubles, while families in the villages are willing to “normal life” in 67 thousand roubles.

According to analysts, the desired family income is almost identical with the only real in the far Eastern Federal district, in other districts, the real incomes of the population of Russia is below the desired.

“With the average household income in the North-Western Federal district in 60 thousand respondents in this region for “normal life” would like to have 101 thousand rubles per month. A similar difference between financial demands and the reality observed in the Volga Federal district — with an average household income 40 800 rubles, the region’s residents dream of 75 to 700 thousand rubles for the “normal life”. In Siberia and in the South the gap between dreams and reality is nearly 1.8 times. A little less than the difference between requests and real income in the Central district (35%) and the Urals (43%)”, — noted in “Romira”.