Media reported about the status of beaten in Mexico Russian

Media reported about the status of beaten in Mexico Russian

MOSCOW, may 22 — RIA Novosti. Russian Alexei Makeev, who was attacked by residents of the Mexican city of Cancun, was conscious and answered questions from doctors, the newspaper reports Meganoticias.

Currently, Makeev is in the surgical Department, his vitals were normal. The Russian was able to answer the questions he was asked by the staff of medical facilities.

“He complains of moderate pain,” reads the medical report, which was available to journalists.

The attorney General of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Miguel angel Pech reported earlier that Makeev regained consciousness and began to eat, his condition stabilized. According to doctors, he will stay in the hospital another 4-5 days.

The Russians suffered multiple contusions, and traumatic brain injury to the right parietal region, which caused him mobility problems the left side of the body.

A group of several hundred Mexicans surrounded the house Makeyev and attacked him on Saturday. One of the attackers was wounded and later died.

Makeev “famous” in Mexico thanks to your videos, which acted with baseless insults and threats against the citizens of this country. The videos he posted to the Internet, accompanied by a demonstration of Nazi symbols.