Media called the name of the alleged perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Manchester

Continued: the explosion in Manchester affected about 120 people

According to preliminary data, 23-year-old suicide bomber, who detonated an explosive device at the concert in Manchester was called, Salman Abedi (Abedi Salman). On Tuesday, may 23, reported CBS News.

It is noted that earlier, he had come to the attention of British intelligence.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa may said that the explosion was carried out by one person, who deliberately chose a time and place that the number of dead and injured was at its maximum.

22 may, outside the concert venue, the stadium “Manchester arena” was a blast. In these moments ended with a concert of singer Ariana Grande, which was attended by several thousand people, including many children and adolescents.

Police said he considers the incident as a terrorist attack. According to recent reports, killed 22 people, hospitals remain 59.