“Happiness is not in the clothes”. Love story Grigori Chukhrai

“Happiness is not in the clothes”. Love story Grigori Chukhrai

May 23, 1921 he was born Grigori Chukhrai. Directed with a happy fate in his life was love, as long as six decades.

Ivan, who is this girl?!— My partner?— No, the one next to her. You talked… Irina Penkova. Together they entered the Institute.— Introduce!

I saw, after seeing his partner on the scene, Vanya spoke with the girl. She glanced quickly in my direction and immediately turned away, hiding his interest in me. But for me, this look was an event! Then Ivan Taran casually strolling around the room, pulled me to her and introduced. And, of course, I invited her to dance. What danced, we talked — I don’t remember. I only remember that I asked why I had not seen it before.

— We were in the trenches. Dug anti-tank ditches, she explained.

After the dance I went to see her home. With her was her younger sister, Lyuba. And again, we about something talked, and the conversation continued very much to us, only we understand, the deeper meaning. To leave her I did not want. I asked:

— When we meet again?— Don’t know, ‘ she replied, embarrassed.— Let’s in three days! — Luba suggested.— Where?— In the local cinema….

Described acquaintance with his future wife, a student of the Pyatigorsk Institute, Gregory wins and in his book “My war”. It took place at the beginning of the great Patriotic war. In Essentuki. Arriving at the paratrooper training immediately fell in love with a pretty girl. But Irina courtship of the future master of Soviet cinema seriously is not accepted. Nobody knew what will happen tomorrow. To think was scary. Besides, Irina was already a young man — Georgians Kostya had sent her from the front deep tender letters.

By the way, the first date of Irina and Gregory failed. They missed each other. Chukhrai had to defend. Then, of course, it got better. But only when he was in the hospital, the girl’s heart skipped a beat. She realized that he was dear to her, that without it bad… In the end, Gregory learned about the existence of the opponent. And Irina gave the Same letter Dice.

We called in the brigade by the playwright. He was very keen on the movie, wrote the script. It seemed that no one could compete with him?

But Gregory realized that Kostya is an interesting person, even though never talked about it — says Irina Chukhray. — Six months later, the Marines went to the front. And we lived in Yessentuki fell into the occupation.

“How are you? Survive”, writes Irina Gregory, when Essentuki released. And suddenly asked: who is this girl?!”.

Signed may 9, 1944

However, by the time Irina seem to have already made your choice. And in 1944, using a put after a serious operation a vacation, I told my bosses: “I Want to marry!” and went to Essentuki. From 14 days 10 left on the road, but for him it was not important.

— “Enough sleep!” suddenly she heard behind the door a rough voice. I looked at the clock. They showed six in the morning….

Opening the door, Irina saw the same overcoat of the pilot. In his hand was… lilac.

— Itch to him, you see, to get married! Well, I had to obey.

They were married may 9, 1944. To Victory was exactly a year. But then a few months there was fighting in Hungary, we sent there, he was seriously wounded. And only in 1946 the couple finally met. Honeymooned in Moscow and went to the parents of Gregory to Ukraine.

— He’s still before the war, dreamed about the movie, wanted to enter the film Institute. And very bad that if I do, I’m alone again….

In the fall of 1946, the family was the firstborn Paul (also a future Director), but two years Irina’s son lived on the farm.

— My husband started to study in VGIK wrote: come, we’ll think of something. Don Grisha was bad. And Pavlik could not leave….

Half the fee had to give

In the end, she decided and left their son with grandparents, went to her husband. Fortunately, as an adult, Paul never rebuked the mother that she in that point left….

The first years were difficult. Lived in apartment with the owners. To register impossible. And among filmmakers — almost the poorest.

— I remember, I received Gregory’s fee for the film “the Forty first”, and I immediately gave the wife of Mark Donskoy Irina. Friends did not expect that we will be able to repay debts. Just helped. As best they could.

After “Ballads about the soldier” chuhraja been invited to Hollywood, called by the Italians. But to create a great filmography of Grigory Naumovich failed. For almost half a century in the movies themselves he only made six. And take it early in his career, only three of them — “Forty-first”, “the Ballad” and “clear sky”, even then would be considered classic.

— Remove no longer allowed health — sighs Irina Pavlovna wins. — We all thought entrenched in a light shard worried, and ended up with heart problems.

Time was lost — Gregory wins and suffered eight heart attacks.

Personpower Wins

Irina and Grigory Chukhrai he lived for nearly six decades. And they are never bored. He was often invited abroad, the wife went with him and even met Indira Gandhi.

— The husband tried to bring me dresses, but rarely guessed. I’m not offended. Demanded nothing. And no, never jealous. Happiness is not in the dresses. I have lived life with a unique, gifted person. Gregory was a master of all trades. House repairs couldn. And he was happy.

They raised a son and a daughter. Have ponencia grandchildren. Grigory Naumovich waited for the first of the great-granddaughter Ani. And three years ago the family was continued by the great-grandson of Gregory Chukhrai….