Fat hedgehog from the UK stuck in a fence

Fat hedgehog from the UK stuck in a fence

In the British city of Canterbury, Kent saved Tolstoy hedgehog stuck in the fence. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The mistress of the house, near which the incident occurred, accidentally frightened climbed into the garden animal. The hedgehog started to run, tried to squeeze between the bars of the gate and got stuck.

The woman managed to pull the animal alone and went to the Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. The arrived experts have learned a hedgehog carefully prigladit clinging to the bars of the spines. It is noted that he was not injured.

This hefty hedgehog got itself in quite a sticky situationhttps://t.co/JxZwN7zj7z pic.twitter.com/9C6z0oWG2L

— Gerry Warren (@Gerry_Warren) 23 may 2017

“He was very scared and kept trying to curl up in a ball, — said the employee of the Perth Society Deborah (Deborah Pert). — I had to encourage him so he turned back. This required a lot of patience and understanding.”

In April it was reported that Canada liberated the fatty beaver stuck in the fence.