An explosion at a concert in Manchester that is known at the moment

An explosion at a concert in Manchester that is known at the moment

At the “Manchester Arena” in the UK, where on Monday evening a concert singer Ariana Grande explosion. His victims were 19 people, more 50 injured. The police considers the incident as a terrorist attack.

The first reports of the incident began to receive late evening of 22 may. Sky News reported blasts at the concert of Ariana Grande at the “Manchester Arena” several explosions, citing eyewitnesses.

In social networks also began to appear videos of eyewitnesses, which was visible panic in the hall after the blasts of explosions.

According to official data, the blast killed 19 people, 59 were hospitalized.

Police said he will be regarded the incident as a terrorist attack until I get evidence to the contrary.

According to the statement “Manchester Arena”, the explosion occurred in the lobby of the building, which was crowded. According to witnesses, they heard an explosion after the concert ended, the audience left their seats and headed for the door.

— Manchester Arena (@ManchesterArena) May 23, 2017

According to police, the explosion was one and it occurred at about 22:35 local time (00:35 GMT). It was for the explosion, the police has not officially commented on. Meanwhile, sources Reuters and CNN reported that the explosion could carry out a suicide bomber.

British Prime Minister Theresa may on the night of 23 may made a statement in connection with the incident. She called the incident “appalling terrorist act” and expressed condolences to the families of the victims and assured that the authorities are doing everything to investigate the incident.

At 09:00 UK time (11:00 GMT) Mei has appointed a meeting of the emergency COBRA Committee in connection with the explosion in Manchester.

The singer was not injured. She later posted a message on Twitter saying that broken and awful regrets in connection with the incident.

The explosion at the stadium “Manchester arena”


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Latest: Panic following multiple explosions at #Manchester arena.

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People attending the concert by Ariana Grande fled in panic on hearing the noises

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#BREAKING: Reports of two explosions at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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Another chaotic scene from #Manchester Arena.

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Police Swarm #ManchesterArena After 2 Reports of Possible Explosions at #ArianaGrande #Event. @arianagrande

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