The Russian foreign Ministry about the article


RIA Novosti

The Russian foreign Ministry criticized the British newspaper The Times for the next attacks on RT and Sputnik in one of the recent materials. Comments the Ministry of foreign Affairs is available on the Agency’s website in the section, which provides examples of inaccurate information about Russia from Western media.

We are talking about the article from the fifth of may under the title “Putin’s Propaganda”, which, “in addition to the usual insinuations on the alleged intervention of the Russian special services, through hacking during the election campaign in the United States and France, the publication splashed a portion of negativity in the address of Russia Today (RT) and the news Agency Sputnik”.

So, The Times calls these media “public instrument of fraud”, which is supplied under the usual news.

The foreign Ministry recalled “never cease to amaze,” the newspaper that the activity of RT and Sputnik checked the British megaregulator Oftcom. As a result, the definition of failure did not get any “information product” of these media, specify in the office.

The Russian foreign Ministry suggested that the attacks on RT and Sputnik British newspaper pushed “journalistic zeal”.

In late April, the Agency has already criticized The Times for what is in the article “New cold war” the Russian media attributed to the “publications fake news”. The foreign Ministry expressed regret over the fact that this British newspaper continues to engage in information attacks on Russia, trying to understand the nuances of relations between the West and Moscow.