The court found the Emoji legally binding sign

The court found the Emoji legally binding sign

The Israeli court recognized, emoticons (graphic symbols depicting different emotions or other things) legally binding signs, and sentenced two people to a large fine for their irresponsible use.

Reported by Engadget.

A Yaniv Dahan posted an announcement on putting the house for rent. The couple contacted him about it and sent this message: “Good morning! Interested in this house… Let’s discuss the details… What time is convenient for you?”.

A couple in Israel had to pay a landlord $2000 because of this emoji filled text.

— ADDY  (@LethalHuxtable) may 20, 2017
An example of emojis that were contained in the message pair

What Emoji forced the owner to decide what the couple really wants to remove his house, and he removed the ad, and then began to correspond with the couple. However, after some time, they stopped responding Dahanu. He found another tenant, and the couple filed a small claims court.

In the end, a couple was sentenced to a fine of 8,000 shekels (about 127 thousand rubles).

In the judgment the following was stated: “the Text message was accompanied by several symbols, including “smiley”, the images of bottles of champagne, dancing figures and so on. These symbols indicate the tremendous optimism. Although the message should not be equated with the signing of the contract legally binding, they have led to the fact that the plaintiff concluded that the defendants desire to take him home.”