Poklonskaya offered to check for corruption Fund Navalny


RIA Novosti

The Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya proposed to carry out anti-corruption check of Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny and the Russian branch of Transparency International. It is reported by the RNS.

“Maybe it would not hurt to check for corruption. Because, as they say, the thief and the cap off. Maybe that’s why they scream the loudest,” said Poklonski, answering the question of whether these public organizations “allies” of the Duma Committee, which she chaired.

In the lower house of Parliament Poklonskaya directs the Commission on control over reliability of information about income provided by members.

In his opinion, the work of organizations such as the FCO, could threaten the peace and prosperity of the country.

“It is impossible to excite the society, it is impossible to play and use any situation- even corrupt – for his unholy purposes. But if the information received officially in my name, including from the FCO, of course, I in due order it will be reviewed,” said Poklonski.

She added that the Duma Commission received from the BCF the only treatment — with a request to check the activities of the mayor of the Lower Nowogrod Ivan Carilina. However, Karelin is not a member, therefore, the appeal was forwarded to the Prosecutor.