From the Sverdlovsk region has expelled the Cuban tourist and 14 citizens of Uzbekistan

Bailiffs sent from the Sverdlovsk region 26 of foreigners who violated the regime of temporary stay. This was reported on the website of the regional UFSSP.

Among the persons subject to administrative expulsion of a citizen of Cuba, who arrived in Russia as a tourist, however, does not leave the country after 30 days and didn’t renew the visa. Also forcibly sent 14 citizens of Uzbekistan, four immigrants from Azerbaijan, three from Kyrgyzstan and two from Ukraine and Tajikistan.

In December 2016, because of the violation of the regime of stay in Russia for home lovers were expelled from Cuba who traveled to the Far East on the eve of the wedding. They arrived in Vladivostok, and then visited Yakutsk and Magadan. Upon expiry of the permitted period of stay they have not left the country.

The pair was discovered during maintenance activities in one of the hostels of the city. Violators also fined on two thousand roubles.