A British climber has described the collapse of part of mount Everest

A British climber has described the collapse of part of mount Everest

MOSCOW, may 21 — RIA Novosti. British climber confirmed that one of the parts of mount Everest under the title “Hillary Step” collapsed in the earthquake of 2015, writes the Guardian.

“The Hillary step”, named after new Zealand mountaineer and Explorer Edmund Hillary, was a nearly vertical slope in 12 metres of mount Everest and could be destroyed during the earthquake in Nepal in 2015.

“It was reported last year, in fact I made an ascent last year, but we were not sure that the stage is gone, as the area was snow. This year, however, I can report that this part of the mountain, called the “Hillary step”, definitely not here,” — leads edition of the words of the climber Tim Mandala.

Mosdal climbing up mount Everest for the sixth time on may 16, has published pictures of what is left of the “Hillary step”, noting serious concerns about the possibility of overcoming safe place, where once was located the slope, because of the changing topography.

It’s official – The Hillary Step is no more. Not sure what’s going to happen when the snow ridge doesn’t form beca… https://t.co/8yednCrfgB pic.twitter.com/tnhAaYu2VT

— Tim Mosedale (@timmosedale) May 17, 2017

“Hillary step” was situated at an altitude of 8790 meters and was considered by the climbers the last obstacle on the way to the main summit of Everest, which is located at a height of 8848 meters.