WP has published a recording of the words of the Republican leader about


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The Washington Post spoke Thursday with the statement that the head of the Republican faction in Congress Kevin McCarthy suggested in a private conversation, if the then presidential candidate Donald Trump pay of the Russian government. Evidence of the authenticity of the record by the defendants, the publication is not given.

The newspaper published the text that is alleged to be a transcript of the record from June 15, 2016, at which, presumably, McCarthy said: “I Think (Russian President Vladimir) Putin pays for two people — Rorabacher and the Tramp”. Dana Rohrabacher — Congressman from California, who, like trump, has previously advocated cooperation with Russia on counter-terrorism.

According to the newspaper, then on tape allegedly heard the voice of the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan: “This is off the record”. “No leaks, all right? So we know that we’re a real family. Do not make dirty linen in public,” he said, according to the newspaper, Ryan.

The newspaper cites the source of the leak, however, the article is marked not by Washington and Kiev. It is alleged that the conversation took place after a meeting of the Republicans with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

Comments Ryan and McCarthy or their representatives, RIA Novosti do not have, Washington Post they also does not. White house and Russian officials have repeatedly denied reports about a possible financing of trump Russia.

The conversation, according to the newspaper, allegedly took place before trump was nominated for the presidency from the Republican party, but after he became aware of speculation that hackers broke into the computers of the National Committee of the Democratic party in the United States. Subsequently, American intelligence agencies accused of hacking into Russian security services, on the basis of what has come to the conclusion that “Russian intervention”. An investigation on the subject carried out the FBI and both houses of Congress. Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations, press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov called them “completely unfounded”.