Trump in Jerusalem settled in the room-bomb shelter

The President of the United States Donald trump during his upcoming visit to Israel will stay in the room, a bomb shelter. NBC News reported about the reinforced security measures that will make security services during his visit to the country in the White house.

According to TV channel, the hotel King David Trump a bullet-proof, protected against ingress from a grenade launcher five-star Suite costs $ 5,700 per night. Experts from the USA delivered to Jerusalem and set in the Windows of the rooms of special bulletproof glass. In addition, the room is equipped with a system for protection against gas attack.

“Even if the whole hotel will explode, the room will remain intact, so maybe a couple broken bones, but the people will remain alive,” said the hotel Manager.

To prevent undermining of the building filled with explosives cars on the road will Park two buses with special equipment. A surveillance camera will float on balloons, and underground utilities for the presence of bombs check special robots.

In the operation of security trump called Blue Shield, the Israeli authorities employ about 10 thousand policemen and plainclothes officers, police dogs and helicopters. All the food intended for the President and his family, will be checked using a special tester.

The US President Donald trump may 20, began his foreign tour with visit to Saudi Arabia. Then the US President plans to visit Israel, Italy, Belgium and the Vatican.