Trump has called “the conscious of the country” to isolate Iran

The US President urged other countries to isolate Iran. While in Saudi Arabia with the first foreign visit, Donald trump said about the involvement of Tehran the developments in Syria. The text of the President’s speeches posted on his official page in Facebook.

According to him, the Iranian authorities provide diverse support to terrorist organizations “from Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen, Tehran has funded, armed and trained terrorists and other extremist groups that sow destruction and chaos in the region. This is a government that speaks openly about the mass killings, calls for the destruction of Israel and the United States.” He added that “the most terrible victims of the Iranian regime are his own people. Iran has a rich history and culture, but the people of this country survived the deprivation and despair under the reckless desire of their leaders to the conflict and terror,” said trump.

The US President said that, “while the Iranian regime is not willing to be a partner of the world, all conscious countries must work together to isolate Tehran, to refuse the financing of terrorism and pray for the day when the Iranian people is a just and righteous government they deserve”. After taking office, trump has described the deal as “terrible”.

Iran and the six international mediators (US, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany) in July 2015 reached agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program. The Islamic Republic has made commitments to limit work in the field of uranium enrichment in exchange for lifting some sanctions.