The first Robocop entered service in Dubai

The first Robocop entered service in Dubai

The first Robocop Robocop officially joined the team of Dubai police. On Sunday, may 21, according to the publication Arabian Business.

World’s first “Robocop” joins Dubai Police force

— (@ArabianBusiness) on may 21, 2017

It is noted that the growth of the robot is 170 cm, weight — 100 kg. It is equipped with an emotion detector that detects the expression of people’s faces and gestures at a distance of up to 1.5 meters. Thus he can establish contact with people and to identify the offenders.

Dubai Police Robot”s say Hello @ Dubai #GISEC2017

— Jan Wendenburg (@JanWendenburg) may 21, 2017

The machine has the ability to navigate the terrain thanks to the integrated GPS, to communicate in six languages including English and Arabic, and provide residents the opportunity to pay through his services to the police with the help of credit cards.

Patrolling the streets and shopping centers, Robocop will be to provide relevant videos and, thus, to help the guards find the perpetrators. As stated by Dubai police, the robot is designed to help people in public places, and to deal with troublemakers and to be responsible for urban security.