The expert gave two reasons for the ban on Ukraine Russian social networks


RIA Novosti

Kiev authorities banning Russian social networks, seeking to deepen the rift between Russia and Ukraine, as well as to harm the business of the neighboring country. This political scientist, the President of Institute of national strategy Mikhail Remizov told the Federal news Agency (FAN).

“Ukraine within the parameters of the current political regime will try to escape from Russia and Russian culture as far as possible. It is imperative ideology of Ukrainian nationalism, which is dominant in the political class of the country,” explained Remizov.

He added that the bearers of nationalist ideology are now 90 percent of Kiev’s political class. The expert also noted that communication for Russian Internet companies Ukraine is a significant part of the market, the loss of which will not remain unnoticed.

May 16 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree according to which the services of the companies “Yandex” and Mail.Ru Group and also social network “Schoolmates” and “Vkontakte” will be blocked in the country. According to the document, the company within three years will not be able to carry out any financial transactions and withdraw money or other assets outside the country.

The Internet Association of Ukraine recognized that the restriction of access to Russian resources is technically impossible. According to the Chairman of the organization Alexander Fedenko, on the implementation of the decree will need about a billion dollars and about two years.