Syrian HOMS is completely freed from armed groups

The withdrawal of fighters of the armed opposition from the neighborhood of al-Waer in HOMS, Syria completed. The last column of the rebels moved in the direction of Jerablus, after which the city was entirely under the control of the Syrian army. About it the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

“There was only civil, those who did not want to leave their homes. After the quarter will include engineers, a decision will be made whether to allow media representatives to personally see the last released quarter,” — said the Agency officer of the Syrian police.

In the last, the eleventh stage of the withdrawal of fighters from the city he left more than 2.5 thousand people, including 700 rebels. The phase lasted about 24 hours. Most of them came from HOMS with light weapons, in accordance with previous agreements.

According to the correspondent, over a quarter of observed black smoke, but none of the police or of the army of Syria can not explain the cause of the fire.

For the previous ten stages al-Waer left about 17 thousand people, including 3,5 thousand insurgents.

According to TASS, this quarter remained the last stronghold of armed groups in HOMS. In March 2014, under the terms of the armistice there have temporarily moved five thousand of the rebels of the old districts of the city.