Peter will help Vladimir Putin to meet Emmanuel Macron

Peter will help Vladimir Putin to meet Emmanuel Macron

The Russian President flies to France for a surprise visit.

As it became known “” from informed sources in Paris and Moscow, may 29 held an unscheduled visit to France of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This will give him the opportunity to meet Emmanuel Macron, the new leader of the country, considered one of Russia’s main partners in the EU.

According to sources, “Kommersant”, the reason for the visit is the opening at Versailles, the residence of the French kings, the exhibition dedicated to Peter the great.

However, as told “Kommersant” a senior source in the Kremlin, “the agenda of the visit will be rich” and hardly confined to the ceremony in Versailles.

According to the interlocutor of “Kommersant” in Paris, “it is hard to imagine that Mr. Putin would have gone into France, without the approval of that meet and greet with the new President.”

The exhibition in Versailles is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the visit to France of the Russian Tsar and the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations — it will be held in the Grand Trianon Palace and will last until the end of September.

At about the same time Vladimir Putin will be in France, near Brussels, will be President of the United States Donald trump, who will participate in the NATO summit. Earlier Kommersant’s sources in Moscow and Washington reported that officials from the two countries discussed the possibility of a presidents ‘ meeting during the European tour of Mr. trump at the end of may. Even called the tentative date is may 28. But in the end it was officially announced: the acquaintance of the leaders of the superpowers will take place in July at the G20 summit in Hamburg (Germany). To the question “Kommersant”, can change the graphics of the two presidents taking account of Mr Putin’s visit to France, the U.S. state Department has yet to respond.

Maxim Yusin, Ivan Safronov