National security Council: Ukrainians will not be punished for blocking Russian sites


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Ukrainian users will not be punished for bypassing blocking Russian social networks, said the head of the information security apparatus of the national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Valentin Petrov.

Previously, the company Mail.Ru Group, which owns the social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, and sent to the Ukrainian users instructions on how to use its services to bypass the lock access.

“We are not concerned with the content, and even if some users, and now many of the recipes came how to get around (barring ed.), please use. Users will in no way be punished for it,” said Petrov in the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” Thursday night.

He also noted that one of the arguments blocking Russian sites is the need to ensure security of user data.

“The data that are passed to the Russian service, according to the Russian legislation, are stored in Russia, are at the disposal and under the control of the Russian side, and it has absolute and full access to the data. And that personal data of citizens of Ukraine… all this is under the control of the Federal security service “, — said Petrov.

Earlier the President of Ukraine approved the decision of the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC), extending and expanding the list of individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation, in respect of which the sanctions. The extended list included 1228 physical and legal entities. 468 In particular, in Ukraine is prohibited access to social networks “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and resources “Yandex” and The decree came into force on Wednesday. As stated in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, banning Russian social network, wants to block alternative sources of information in the country.

The President of the Internet Association of Ukraine alekandr, Fedienko previously stated that in the near future to implement the decision on sanctions is impossible, the procedure “requires considerable financial investment, the time for realignment of the access networks to the Internet”. Co-owner of one of the Ukrainian Internet providers Wladimir Sidorenko in his turn, reminded that the decision to freeze the Russian social networks can easily be circumvented using vpn services, proxy servers and other technical methods.