Mei believes that Brussels needs to pay the UK billions of pounds

Mei believes that Brussels needs to pay the UK billions of pounds

MOSCOW, may 21 — RIA Novosti. British Prime Minister Theresa may believes that Brussels needs to pay the UK “billions of pounds” for the countries at the European investment Bank, reports the Telegraph.

According to may, the UK has financial rights, which must be weighed against commitments during the negotiations for Brexit. “There is much talk about what commitments should be the United Kingdom, or about what we may be right, given the money that was paid in the past. We clearly show that will take into account the rights and obligations,” said may in an interview.

The British Prime Minister recalled that the UK is involved in several large joint EU financial and investment projects. So the country has a right to share in the ultimate “account”. “There are investment Bank, investment Fund, there are other areas. As you know, this will be an important part of the negotiations,” concluded may.

The publication notes that the British Prime Minister first mentioned the intention to maintain share in the European investment Bank. Sources in the government of the Kingdom said that the UK share of the Bank is estimated at about 10 billion euros.

Earlier media reported that the EU authorities in the process of Brexit may require the UK for about € 100 billion of payments for various obligations undertaken by London earlier.

The decision to withdraw from the EU was taken by British citizens in the referendum of June 23, 2016. United Kingdom 29 Mar officially launched the process of a British exit from the EU, passing the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, a letter of notification. According to the rules set forth in the 50th article of the Lisbon Treaty, leaving the EU, Britain will have to leave the Association on March 29, 2019 — exactly two years after the launch of the Brexit.