Locking phones the children’s hospital in Stavropol collector has fined

In Stavropol fined the manifold, block the phones of the children’s hospital. On Friday, may 19, reported on the website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The head of the regional Department to recover debts of the company “sentinel Credit Management” Stanislav Kotelnikov was found guilty of arbitrariness. He will have to pay 40 thousand rubles.

March 3, accused for two days, paralyzed the rooms of the children’s city clinical hospital named Philippi. Because of this, patients were unable to go to the clinic for help.

Collector calling to collect a debt in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. The loan was taken one of the employee of the medical facility at the Bank, later, her debt was purchased by the collection company. The chief nurse recommended that plaintiff apply directly to the debtor, but he blocked rooms. His guilt during the investigation, the collector was not recognized.

In March in Moscow was fined the employees of a company to recover debts that are too often called to the local resident. Woman owes 50 thousand rubles. Fine for collectors amounted to 200 thousand rubles, reported online edition m24.ru.