In Jerusalem, trump will put in the blast-protected apartments media

In Jerusalem, trump will put in the blast-protected apartments media

U.S. President Donald trump during his visit to Israel next week will Lodge in a hotel room that is protected from explosions and poison gas. This was reported on Saturday evening by NBC News.

According to TV channel, the American leader will stay at the five star King David hotel in Jerusalem. His Manager Sheldon Ritz told reporters that “presidential suites have a separate ventilation system in the event of an attack using poison gas, in addition, they are designed to withstand a hit from a hand grenade”. The cost of such rooms is not less than $5.7 million per night, notes TASS.

According to Ritz, the security trump would bring impenetrable to bullets and small rockets glass, it will install on the outside of the Windows.

He added that even “if the whole hotel will explode, the room will remain in integrity.” In this case, he said, residents “can get a few fractures, but will remain alive”.

In front of the entrance to the hotel will be on duty two buses with technology that will track the approaching car bombs. Above the building rises balloons with cameras, and the sewage system will control special robots, reports “Interfax”.

All food and beverage for trump and his family members also will be checked by experts.

The total number of police officers who will ensure the safety of the American leader and his family will be over 10,000 people.

On Saturday, trump arrived in Riyadh for talks with Saudi leadership. Saudi Arabia was the first stop in the first international tour of the us President, during which he will also visit Israel, the Vatican, and will take part in the NATO summit in Brussels and the meeting of leaders G7 in Sicily.