In Canada sea lion dragged the girl into the water

In Canada sea lion dragged the girl into the water

MOSCOW, may 21 — RIA Novosti. In the canadian city of Richmond sea lion grabbed the girl dress and dragged her into the water.

Video of the incident, which occurred in Richmond, posted on YouTube by a local student. In the beginning of the video the animal swims slowly near, and the people on the docks throw him pieces of bread.

When a girl sits on the edge of the dock, the predator one jerk pulls her along to the cries of the shocked witnesses.

Then to help the child catches a man and pulls her safely back to the dock.

From the point of view of experts on marine mammals, the animal could take a girl dress for all the fish.

“My first reaction after watching the video was the surprise about how stupid people can be and not to treat wildlife with respect,” — said the portal CBC News Andrew Tritz, Director of the center for marine studies at the University of British Columbia. — It was a California sea lion, male. They are a giant. They are not a circus act. They do not learn to interact with people.