Embarrassing questions about “twin Peaks” (no spoilers!). Why is everyone talking about the show? Who killed Laura Palmer? And who is Bob?

Embarrassing questions about “twin Peaks” (no spoilers!). Why is everyone talking about the show? Who killed Laura Palmer? And who is Bob?

On may 21, American Showtimes will start showing the new season of “twin peaks” cult TV series by David Lynch and Mark frost.

Fans can’t wait for the premiere, and the rest wonder, many people still are familiar with the phenomenon of “twin peaks” only by hearsay. Anton Dolin has prepared answers to embarrassing questions about the show that will help viewers get into the swing of things and understand what’s the Black Lodge, the owls, and coffee.

“Twin Peaks” — what is that?

“Twin Peaks” is an American television series created by famous Director David Lynch and co-writer mark frost. It’s two seasons and thirty episodes, he went from 1990 to 1991. And twin Peaks (without the quotation marks) is a fictional city in Washington state, near the canadian border. There and around the action of the series.

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Why all the fuss is about?

It is believed that “twin Peaks” changed the rules in the world of television, equating it with the “big cinema” and even showing the benefits of serial format. This is purely the author’s pilot project of Lynch and frost, although Lynch was removed as a Director only six episodes. Including the most important — first and last. The whole boom independent of the TV series in the US last ten years one way or another be traced back to the discoveries, a perfect “twin peaks”, and many were created under his direct influence. However, at the time of the release of “twin Peaks” was estimated not so simple, but the second season still seems to many a failure.

So, what is the genre?

Hard to say for sure. Formally, the “twin Peaks” — crime drama-the investigation, but at the same time — a mystical Thriller and Comedy with absurd elements. The tragic and the farcical, scary and melodramatic exist here side by side.

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What’s this show about?

In the first minutes of the series local fisherman is on the Bank of the river naked and wrapped in plastic Laura Palmer’s corpse, a familiar all city school beauty Queen. Then arrives the twin Peaks FBI agent Dale Cooper, who begins his investigation with the Sheriff. In the case of murder be somehow involved, many residents of the town, and a mysterious force living in the woods nearby. By the middle of the series revealed the identity of the killer, but danger continues to threaten the twin peaks.

Laura Palmer! Who killed Laura Palmer?

The main question of the series and one of the most popular in television history. The question to which the answer is not as simple as it seems. Lynch didn’t even want at first to reveal the killer’s name, but the producers insisted that the investigation should be brought to a victorious end. The Director gave in and began to lose interest in their own offspring. Lynch and today claims that still doesn’t know who killed Laura Palmer.

If you want to learn a quick and superficial answer to this question, instead of the show view film prequel “twin Peaks: Through the fire” was shot with Lynch’s later (1992). There is simple and clearly shows all the details of the murder of Laura, the investigation of which devoted to the first half of the series.

The black Lodge is where? There is that about Indians?

The black Lodge — a mystical parallel space, which were off limits for mortals (with some exceptions). It looks like the red room. However, there is a theory that the red room — not the Black Lodge, and his dressing room.

According to the mythology of “twin peaks”, there is White Lodge, but where it is and how nobody can say for sure. By the way, the beliefs of Indians are very important to the series, and one of its important characters, Deputy hawk, native American.

“The owls are not what they seem”. There is at least some sense?

Yes, that phrase a very specific meaning in the context of the series and the interpretation of the visions of agent Dale Cooper, which opens the secret of Laura Palmer’s death. After leaving the series, the phrase became popular and since then, refers to indirect, implicit meaning any obvious phenomenon.

And what of the dwarf and the giant? And who is Bob?

Dancing and talking in riddles Man From Another Place (as in the credits the name of the dwarf) and more sympathetic to the people the Giant (his alter ego — old waiter from the hotel, where he settled Cooper) — probably the inhabitants of the Black Lodge. They are often in dreams and visions than in reality.

Bob the demon living in the woods in the Black Lodge. He has the ability to possess humans. His role was played by the property man Frank Silva. According to the Apocrypha, in a bad take he accidentally reflected in the mirror, which looked one of the actors, and Lynch liked it. So Silva became an actor and one of the most important characters of the series. According to another version, any chance it was not only the Director’s intention. Lynch and Silva have long been acquainted and worked together.

By the way, Silva is one of those actors who did not live to see the filming of the new “twin peaks”, and without him the world series seems to be incomplete (or even impossible). Died and Catherine Coulson, one of the oldest ally of Lynch. Coulson played the Woman With the Log, but, according to some, she managed to star in the film.

What else was the Woman With the Log?

Another mysterious character of the series. The woman who do all the time is a piece of wood and talking to him. And the log gives her clues to investigate. The woman With the Log helps agent Cooper.

And how is it all connected cherry pie and coffee?

Despite the ominous events in twin Peaks, agent Cooper falls in love with this city, not even having time to get acquainted with its inhabitants. He admired growing around twin peaks fir Douglas and fascinated by the local taste of cherry pie and strong black coffee, which this pie you can drink. Lynch, like Cooper, the coffee lover with experience, he even produces and sells its own brand of coffee.

Was someone famous?

“Twin Peaks” started out as an experiment, therefore, real world stars in it, you will not meet. Kyle MacLachlan (agent Cooper) this role has remained the most famous; David Duchovny and Heather Graham, in contrast, was not yet really famous. Many actors from the TV series — Sheryl Lee, Michael Ontkean, ray wise is still remembered primarily for their roles in “twin Peaks”. With the exception of some of Richard beamer and Russ Tamblyn of “West side story” and three-time nominee of “Oscar” Piper Laurie. Special note is Jack nance, loyal friend and beloved actor Lynch, who played in his cult debut “eraserhead”. Playing “twin Peaks” and David Lynch himself.

And David Lynch is so cool?

Personalised Lynch

Lynch is one of the main innovators of contemporary cinema, the author of the mysterious and indecipherable paintings, one of which — “Mulholland Drive” (2001) — recognized as the best film of the XXI century (film critics Association of Los Angeles). Previous film “Inland Empire” Lynch took off 11 years ago, which earned him the honorary “Golden lion” in Venice.

Why the third season is filming now?

The last quarter of a century, fans dreamed of a sequel to “twin peaks”. Based on the series was held the festival, it was written numerous books and created several websites. However, Lynch was immersed in other projects — is also likely to continue not wanted by the producers. Formal (or informal?) the reason for the return of the series was the phrase spoken by Laura Palmer to agent Cooper in the Black Lodge: she warned that their next meeting will take place in twenty-five years.

So about what will happen in the third season?

Nobody knows, even approximately.

Anton Dolin

Welcome to “twin Peaks”. Not in series, and in Washington. Let’s see how really look like the place where they filmed the iconic picture