Duterte spoke about the lack of happiness as President

Rodrigo Duterte

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte admitted that he is not happy in his post, but must continue in the name of the country and sees its duty in the service of the state. About it on the eve of his visit to Russia told Russian journalists. His words leads TASS.

“If you ask me if I’m happy to be the President, I would say no. Perhaps, really I don’t need the presidency. But I can’t turn back, must do this work”, — said the head of state.

Commenting on reporting is now the law on the military situation on the island of Mindanao, Duterte stated that he does not need to demonstrate power. “Under the Constitution, the President must safeguard and protect the Filipino nation, and I will do it, despite the price”, — he promised.

Speaking about the territorial dispute with China, Duterte said that if he goes into direct conflict, “it will be a slaughter.”

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A number of Islands in the South China sea are disputed by China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam. The most hard things with the Scarborough reef and the Spratly archipelago (the latter is rich in oil and gas).

The court of arbitration in the Hague in July of 2016 decided that Beijing has no right to the disputed territory. However, with this decision, disagreed and stated that the island in ancient times are an integral part of China. In addition, Beijing argued that the court has no authority to consider territorial disputes.