Beaten in Cancun, the Russians paralyzed

Beaten in Cancun, the Russians paralyzed

MEXICO city, may 21. /Offset. TASS Ivan valueK/. Russian Alexey Makeev, beaten in a fight with the Mexicans in Cancun, he received a severe head injury but his life is out of danger. About this TASS said the head of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in a Latin American country Dmitry Bolbot.

“He is unconscious, paralyzed in an induced coma, with a traumatic brain injury,- said Bolbot. — According to the chief doctor, his life threatens nothing, but the consequences of all of these injuries can only be determined after carrying out the appropriate examination and treatment.” Bolbat added that the Russian diplomats succeeded in improving the protection in the house Makeyev.

About 200 Mexicans came to Express dissatisfaction with the behavior of the Russians to the house where he lived. The conflict quickly escalated into a fight, during which a Mexican national was stabbed, and later died. Cancun prosecutors have not yet responded to a request by TASS about the investigation of the incident.

Residents were outraged that Makeev for no reason insulted others and showed aggression towards them. However, he made videos of their actions and posted to the Internet.