Zakharova said the lack of notification about U.S. cyber attacks from Russia


RIA Novosti

Washington never informed Moscow about the cyber attacks that supposedly are made from Russia, the current Russian-American mechanism for combating cybercrime, the U.S. has never applied in practice, said in an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“With the Americans we have a joint mechanism to combat cyber crime, which they have never applied”, — said Zakharov.

According to her, Russia is subjected to cyberattacks in the same degree, and even more than the rest of the country. “For many years, cybercrime is a real threat, and we have made important steps (in the fight with them – ed.). Several years ago we proposed an international agreement in the field of information security, and was appointed special representative of the President of Russia in this region. Third – our goal was to conclude bilateral arrangements in respect of crimes in cyberspace” — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

As an example, she cited the mechanism of work between the US and Russia. “If Washington receives the information that the Russian Federation committed the cyber attack, warns the Russian side, the specialists of the Russian service, check the information and take specific steps to block it. It can also act in Moscow. That from Russia perpetrated the cyber attack, we are listening for two years. Even once this mechanism was not used,” — said Zakharov.

“We were in a situation that if you do not agree with the election results, accusing the Russian hackers. If they like you, Russian hackers do not appear. In the case of Brexit, I have not heard that they were accused. Strange, no? No Russian hackers, and a story, invented in the United States in connection with the internal political struggle”, — said Zakharov.

Earlier official representative of the CIA Heather Fritz Hornyak (Heather Horniak Fritz) stated that the involvement of the Russian special services in cybersexuality in U.S. elections is “an established fact”.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of U.S. intelligence in trying to influence U.S. elections, but the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called them “completely unfounded”.

Large-scale cyber attack around the world may 12, raised more than 200 thousand users in 150 countries. The developers of Avast antivirus reported about 57 thousands of hacker attacks. According to the company, first and foremost, the virus is spreading in Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan. In “Kaspersky Lab” reported about 45 thousands of hacker attacks in 74 countries around the world on Friday, the highest number of attempted infections were recorded in Russia. According to the new according to Avast, there were 195 thousand of hacker attacks using this virus.